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Histone Demethylase

There are several families of histone demethylases, which act on different substrates and play different roles in cellular function. Histone demethylases are a diverse group of enzymes catalyzing a process to reverse histone methylation, in which methyl (CH3-) groups are removed from instead of being transferred to histone. A code has been developed to indicate the substrate for a histone demethylase. The substrate is first specified by the histone subunit (H1, H2A, H2B, H3, H4) and then the one letter designation and number of the amino acid that is methylated. Lastly, the level of methylation is sometimes noted by the addition of "me#", with the numbers being 1, 2, and 3 for monomethylated, dimethylated, and trimethylated substrates, respectively. For example, H3K9me2 is histone H3 with a dimethylated lysine in the ninth position.
  • GSK-LSD1 2HCl EY1857

    GSK-LSD1 2HCl是一种不可逆的选择性 LSD1抑制剂,IC50 为 16 nM,选择性比其它密切相关的FAD可利用酶(即 LSD2,MAO-A,MAO-B)高1000多倍。

  • OG-L002 EY1384

    OG-L002是一种有效的,特异性的LSD1抑制剂,IC50为20 nM,比作用于MAO-B和MAO-A选择性分别高36和69倍。

  • JIB-04 EY1245

    JIB-04是一个对Jumonji组蛋白脱甲基酶选择性的广谱抑制剂,对JARID1A、JMJD2E、JMJD3、JMJD2A、JMJD2B、JMJD2C和JMJD2D的IC50分别是230 nM、340 nM、855 nM、445 nM、435 nM、1100 nM和290 nM。

  • GSK J4 HCl EY0977

    GSK J4 hydrochloride is a cell permeable prodrug of GSK J1, which is the first selective inhibitor of the H3K27 histone demethylase JMJD3 and UTX with IC50 of 60 nM and inactive against a panel of demethylases of the JMJ family.

  • IOX1 EY0791

    IOX1是2OG oxygenase高效广谱抑制剂,包括JmjC去甲基化酶家族,对KDM4A和KDM3A的IC50值分别为0.6uM和0.1uM。

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