The sodium bicarbonate cotransporter (NBC) family is a part of the bicarbonate transporter superfamily. Sodium bicarbonate cotransporters are involved in intracellular pH regulation and electroneural or electrogenic sodium bicarbonate transport. This protein is thought to be an integral membrane protein. 
  • Parecoxib EY2733

    Parecoxib is a potent and selective COX-2 inhibitor.

  • Etoricoxib EY2731

    Etoricoxib is a specific inhibitor of COX-2.

  • (+/-)-Sulfinpyrazone EY2713

    Sulfinpyrazone is one of the most studied platelet COX inhibitors, also a uricosuric agent that competitively inhibits uric acid reabsorption in kidney proximal tubules.

  • Fenofibric acid EY2647

    Fenofibric acid is a fibrate that acts as a lipid-lowering agent, decreasing low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • Salicylic acid EY2654

    Salicylic acid is a natural product extract from Willow bark, well known as an antiinflammatory inhibitor of cyclooxygenase activity.

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