CFTR (Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) is a membrane protein and chloride channel in vertebrates that is encoded by the CFTR gene. The CFTR gene codes for an ABC transporter-class ion channel protein that conducts chloride and thiocyanate ions across epithelial cell membranes. Mutations of the CFTR gene affecting chloride ion channel function lead to dysregulation of epithelial fluid transport in the lung, pancreas and other organs, resulting in cystic fibrosis. 
  • Apixaban EY2254

    Apixaban is a highly selective, reversible, and direct inhibitor of Human Factor X and Rabbit Factor X with Ki of 0.08 nM and 0.17 nM, respectively. Apixaban exhibits a high degree of potency, selectivity, and efficacy on Factor X with Ki of 0.08 nM and 0.17 nM for Human Factor X and Rabbit Factor X, respectively.

  • GlyH 101 EI1202

    GlyH 101是可逆的 voltage-dependent CFTR 氯离子通道阻断剂。

  • Chromanol 293B EI0785

    Chromanol 293B是IKs 阻断剂。 也是阻断 ICFTR。

  • PPQ 102 EI2221

    PPQ 102是活性voltage-independent CFTR 氯离子抑制剂。

  • Chloroquine Phosphate EY1843

    Chloroquine Phosphate是一种4-氨基喹啉的抗疟疾和抗风湿抑制剂。

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