MMPs (Matrix metalloproteinases) are calcium-dependent zinc-containing endopeptidases; other family members are adamalysins, serralysins, and astacins. The MMPs belong to a larger family of proteases known as the These enzymes are capable of degrading all kinds of extracellular matrix proteins, but also can process a number of bioactive molecules. They are known to be involved in the cleavage of cell surface receptors, the release of apoptotic ligands (such as the FAS ligand), and chemokine/cytokine inactivation.[3] MMPs are also thought to play a major role in cell behaviors such as cell proliferation, migration (adhesion/dispersion), differentiation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, and host defense.
  • CP 471474 EI0862

    CP 471474是广谱 MMP 抑制剂。

  • CL 82198 hydrochloride EI0821

    CL 82198 hydrochloride是MMP-13选择性抑制剂。

  • ARP 100 EI0485

    ARP 100是MMP-2的选择性抑制剂。

  • WAY 170523 EI2932

    WAY 170523是活性MMP-13的选择性抑制剂。

  • UK 356618 EI2858

    UK 356618是活性选择性的MMP-3 抑制剂。

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