URAT1 (member 12,SLC22A12)s a protein from solute carrier family 22 (organic anion/cation transporter). The protein is a urate transporter and urate-anion exchanger which regulates the level of urate in the blood. This protein is an integral membrane protein primarily found in kidney. 
  • Pralidoxime EY2814

    Pralidoxime is an antidote to organophosphate pesticides and chemicals.

  • Itopride hydrochloride EY2708

    Itopride hydrochloride is an AChE inhibitor (acetylcholinesterase) and D2DR inhibitor. Itopride is used as a gastroprokinetic agent. The IC50 of itopride with AChE is 2.04 +/- 0.27 μM.

  • Cl-4AS-1 EI0822

    Cl-4AS-1是Steroidal androgen 受体激动剂。

  • ASP8273 EY2847

    ASP8273 is a small molecule, irreversible TKI inhibitor that inhibits the kinase activity of EGFR mutations including T790M, with limited activity against EGFR wild-type NSCLC. In the in vitro enzymatic and cell-based assays, ASP8273 were evaluated against EGFR mutantsand WT EGFR.

  • EGF-816 EY2846

    EGF816 is a third-generation covalent EGFR inhibitor that has potent inhibitory activity against activating and resistant T790M mutants with low IC50 in various cellular assays.

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