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Cathepsins are proteases found in all animals as well as other organisms. There are approximately a dozen members of this family, which are distinguished by their structure, catalytic mechanism, and which proteins they cleave. Most of the members become activated at the low pH found in lysosomes. Thus, the activity of this family lies almost entirely within those organelles. There are, however, exceptions such as cathepsin K, which works extracellularly after secretion by osteoclasts in bone resorption.
  • CA 074 EI0662

    CA 074是选择性 cathepsin B 抑制剂。

  • SID 26681509 EI2550

    SID 26681509是Cathepsin L 抑制剂。

  • MDL 28170 EI1640

    MDL 28170是活性选择性 calpain,cathepsin B 抑制剂。

  • L 006235 EI1463

    L 006235是活性的 cathepsin K 抑制剂。

  • E-64 EY1852

    E-64 是一种作用于木瓜蛋白酶的选择性的不可逆的半胱氨酸蛋白酶抑制剂,其IC50为9 nM。

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