c-Met (tyrosine-protein kinase,HGFR) is a protein that possesses tyrosine kinase activity. The primary single chain precursor protein is post-translationally cleaved to produce the alpha and beta subunits, which are disulfide linked to form the mature receptor. MET is a single pass tyrosine kinase receptor essential for embryonic development, organogenesis and wound healing. Hepatocyte growth factor/Scatter Factor (HGF/SF) and its splicing isoform (NK1, NK2) are the only known ligands of the MET receptor. MET is normally expressed by cells of epithelial origin, while expression of HGF/SF is restricted to cells of mesenchymal origin. When HGF/SF binds its cognate receptor MET it induces its dimerization through a not yet completely understood mechanism leading to its activation.
  • GR 159897 EI1220

    GR 159897是非肽类的活性NK2拮抗剂。

  • FK 888 EI1126

    FK 888是高亲和性 NK1 受体拮抗剂。

  • CP 99994 dihydrochloride EI0870

    CP 99994 dihydrochloride是高亲和性 NK1 拮抗剂。

  • CP 96345 EI0869

    CP 96345是活性选择性 NK1 拮抗剂。

  • SR 140333 EI2609

    SR 140333是活性的 NK1 受体拮抗剂。

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